Thursday, April 5, 2012


wow. i've REALLY slacked off on the blog- in my defense we have been very busy with school. and that's why i watched TV all day today, no shame.
so catch up.
we had a lecture on outpatient medicine and got a sweet book for children by the original author- aimed at educating children about medication. it's in chinese so naturally i will read it to my future children. haha.

on thursday and friday of last week we had chinese class. we were determined to get mexican food we had heard about after class.
on thursday it was sunny and beautiful outside, and we searched (in the wrong direction) for the restaurant and ended up just having a nice walk. it's been sunny for a few days so the trees are starting to bloom and it is so beautiful!
so on friday, we were craving chips and salsa even more than before. we were determined to find this acclaimed place. and naturally it would rain. we walked for at least 45 minutes in pouring rain. serious craving. needless to say, we finally found it and i have never been more thankful for mexican food. and spanish speaking. the sweet sound of rolling "r's" and familiarity! ahh, i am in love with spanish.
excited but soaking.... can't you tell!

honestly, i'm not sure what we ended up doing on saturday. that's pretty terrible that I don't remember. probably worked on some homework. i know richie got a haircut. he loves it. he spent at least 10 minutes straight in the bathroom mirror. 

sunday was april fools. we skipped church. to go on a dream get-away, i was pretty sure it was an april fools joke the whole time. one of the nurse managers and her husband treated us and several other important nurses to a day at this incredible lake/ park, lunch at an elaborate mansion, and a wonderful day. we had to drive about 30-45 minutes to get to this place, not knowing exactly what the day held in store. well let me show you... the pictures don't do justice!
we're on a boat!



ellen & "ethan"

small bridge

ethan & his dinner creation

sign in the bathroom... haha!

the crew for the day

real life

our wonderful hosts

sabrina. a gem. so intelligent and so kind!

the table set up. two rooms just for us. 
i still can't get over the generosity of these people. it blows me away. 
on monday & tuesday we had clinical and richie & lesly presented their case studies on their units. 
yesterday & today i've honestly done a lot of relaxing. i needed it. but i also did a lot of processing. i can say some things that God has graced me with so far....
-a deep overwhelming sense of trust. and for me this is something that i need, something i have been praying a long time for. i still have a lot to grow, but i am so thankful that my heart is turned toward God constantly during the times i struggle here. it has been comforting beyond belief. 
-compassion & conviction. to dream bigger to worry less. it's so freeing. again, not all the way there but we are all works in progress. 
-love & healing. i have talked to my little sister at least 2-3 times a week since i have been here. that little stinker has been so encouraging and real. i just love her. and i am so thankful for her communication with me, i know she has no clue how much it means. 
-and lots more that i am still processing. 

jordan is going to bed, so i am going to wrap up with prayer requests
-presentation tomorrow. 
-that i can return an ounce of the amazing love that these nurses have showered us with. 
-gratitude for my professor, who has been SO encouraging, caring, and challenged me to push the boundaries of what i think i can do. 
- soaking up the last few weeks of what this adventure has to offer. 

thank you all for your love, prayers, & encouragement. i am SO excited to see you all soon. 

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  1. awwww so glad you found ponchos! it is worth it to feel at home for just a little while! : )

    And ahh I cant believe how big Ethan looks in one year since we saw him!!